Physician Assistant Clinics

Announcing Physician Assistant Clinics a NEW Clinics Review Articles series written by PAs for PAs

Keep updated on the latest advancements in medicine and earn all the AMA Category 1 CME credits you need in less time with Physician Assistant Clinics.

Physician Assistant Clinics provide current insights on the most relevant clinical findings and medical evidence to help you save time, stay current, and improve patient outcomes. Published quarterly, each issue offers comprehensive reviews on a single topic relevant to today’s physician assistant.  The first issue will be published in January 2016 and are available on US Elsevier Health and

Subscribers to Physician Assistant Clinics can earn 60 AMA Category 1 CME credits a year by taking a test based on each issue!

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The series is published under the direction of James Van Rhee, MS, PA-C, Program Director for the Yale University School of Medicine Physician Associate Program.

The series is published under the direction of James Van Rhee, MS, PA-C, Program Director for the Yale University School of Medicine Physician Associate Program.

Q&A with James A. Van Rhee, PA-C, MS

Q: What is Physician Assistant Clinics?

A:  Physician Assistant Clinics is about getting the practicing PA the comprehensive review and latest information they need for clinical practice.  Issues will focus on a specific topic and provide the reader with detailed information on a number of subjects related to the issue topic.  Plus special topics related to latest trends in PA practice and education.

Q: Why is there a need for this type of content?

A:  While there are a number of excellent journals out there, Physician Assistant Clinics will provide an in-depth review of topics related to a specific topic.  For example, the cardiology issue will provide the PA with a review of not just one topic such as hypertension, but a variety of topics from hypertension to heart failure to endocarditis.  This will provide the practicing PA and PA students with a more complete review of a topic, something other journals have difficulty providing.

Q: Why is Physician Assistant Clinics a valuable resource for PAs?

A: Physician Assistant Clinics provide comprehensive reviews of numerous topics in a given area of medicine.  While other journals provide the latest information, PA Clinics will provide the depth of information the practicing PA needs to better care for patients. PA Clinics provides more than just the information, it presents the why.

Q: Who should be reading Physician Assistant Clinics?

A:  Everyone.  Clinically practicing PAs will get an excellent review of the major topics in medicine; PA educators can use it to supplement classroom lectures; PA students can use it to enhance their learning in PA school; and all PAs can use it to prep for the NCCPA exam.

Q: Will Physician Assistant Clinics help me prepare for certification/re-certification?

A: Yes, over the course of two to three years numerous topics on the NCCPA blueprint will be covered in the issues.  Reviewing Physician Assistant Clinics issues in the months prior to the certification/recertification exam will enhance any board preparation a PA is completing.

Q: Why did you choose to be involved with Physician Assistant Clinics as the Consulting Editor?

A:  I wanted to get involved, because I saw this as a way to get the PA in clinical practice the comprehensive reviews of clinical medicine topics and provide them the latest information from the PA leaders in clinical medicine and education.

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