Cardiac Electrophysiology Clinics

Cardiac Electrophysiology Clinics provides you with practical, hands-on advice on the evaluation and management of patients with heart rhythm disorders. Each issue provides expert, state-of-the-art discussions on a single topic relevant to your practice. You’ll find clear, comprehensive coverage on valuable topics such as sudden cardiac death, diagnostic evaluation of arrhythmias, advances in arrhythmia analysis, arrhythmias in special populations, antiarrhythmic drug therapy, cardiac pacing and defibrillation, genetics and pharmacogentics, and much more.

Cardiac Electrophysiology Clinics is published four times a year—March, June, September, and December.

Upcoming Clinics

2016 Cardiac Electrophysiology Clinics Issue Titles
Interpretation of Complex Arrhythmias: A Case-Based Approach March
Cardiac Potassium Channel Disorders June
Ventricular Arrhythmias in Apparently Normal Hearts September
The His-Purkinje System December

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