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  • AJNR Reviews the Feb. 2015 Neuroimaging Clinics Issue: “Genetic Patterns in Neuroimaging”

    The American Journal of Neuroradiology recently posted its review on the February 2015 issue of Neuroimaging Clinics: “Genetic Patterns in Neuroimaging.” “Every practicing neuroradiologist should be aware of this particular issue of NICNA and should be ready to consult it, because it will consume more and more of our thoughts, especially when discussing abnormalities with […]

  • The book, “Positive”, by Dr. Michael S. Saag, MD

    Positive tells the story of the life of Michael S. Saag, MD, an internationally known expert on the virus that causes AIDS.  Mike Saag began his medical residency in 1981, just days after the CDC’s first report of the deadly virus.  This led to his life’s work of turning the most deadly virus in human history into […]