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  • Clinics Review Articles: Live on Inkling

    The Clinics are now live on Inkling. All 2014 issues and articles from the following series can be purchased for $98.99/issue or $14.99/article: Clinics in Plastic Surgery, Medical Clinics, Radiologic Clinics, Surgical Clinics, Veterinary Clinics: Small Animal Practice. Find your favorite Clinics Review Article today by visiting

  • Lifetime Achievement Award For Clinics Review Articles Author/Editor

    Former Year Book of Critical Care Medicine Editor-in-Chief and frequent Critical Care Clinics editor and author, R. Phillip Dellinger, received a lifetime achievement award at the 2015 Society of Critical Care Medicine Conference. A renowned expert in the management and treatment of sepsis, Dr. Dellinger will be honored for his pioneering contributions to the field […]